PsychoSocial Aspects of Diabetes

The aims of PSAD are to stimulate communication between researchers and clinicians in the field, improve the quality of psychosocial research in diabetes, and stimulate dissemination of effective diabetes care.


  • Advancing research into diabetes-related stigma
    Diabetes UK have opened a call for research applications that aim to better understand stigma experienced by people with diabetes. It also aims to identify strategies to reduce or prevent diabetes-related stigma. 
  • The RAPID Conference
    Psychosocial research is critical to every aspect of diabetes care. RAPID is a novel conference to provide a space for collaborative working which will actively involve all stakeholders (including people living with diabetes, early and mid-career researchers, clinicians, senior academics, industry and policy makers).
  • Professor Frank Snoek
    Thank you for leadership, and all you have done to advance the psychosocial aspects of diabetes (in research and clinical care) and mentor a generation of researchers and health professionals. Congratulations to our founding Chair (1995-2004) on this well-deserved honour. Warm wishes from all your friends and colleagues at the PSAD.